We’re a company of parents.
Not owned by a parent company.

    Hey folks. It’s us, KinderFarms. We make family health products sold in local pharmacy and baby aisles.

    As parents, we wanted products with proven ingredients, but didn’t love the clusterfluff of artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners that came with it.

    As we peeled back the labels of more and more products, we felt like this was a big problem. And as we talked to other parents and caregivers, we realized we weren’t alone.

    We knew we had to do something about it. It started with a simple idea: Where farm meets pharma.

    Today, we’re committed to transforming the family health products industry into a healthier version of itself. No parent should have to sacrifice clean for effective. That’s why we’re improving the wellbeing of all families through an extended line of health and wellness products.

    Our sole purpose as a company is to make kids feel better. But in a cleaner, kinder kind of way. So that the parents feel better, too.

    If clean and effective are your kind of thing, we hope KinderFarms is a fit for your family.