IAT® - Feel Better, Faster!

What is IAT®? Kinderlyte's natural Instant Absorption Technology® (IAT®) is the breakthrough delivery system designed to transport electrolytes and other nutrients to the bloodstream faster.

The "Imposters" of Rapid Hydration

Check your ingredients labels. Complex sugars like cane sugar, fruit juice and coconut have to be broken down in your digestive system so take the "slow lane" to absorption.

  • Cane Sugar or Fructose
    Cane Sugar or Fructose
  • Fruits or Juices
    Fruits or Juices
  • Coconut Water Powder
    Coconut Water Powder

4-5X The Hydration of Sports Drinks*

*4-5X the electrolyte sodium for hydration vs. leading sports drinks.

How is Kinderlyte IATTM unique?

Our Instant Absorption TechnologyTM [IATTM] leverages the co-transport property of sodium and glucose (i.e., dextrose), which allows the body to absorb electrolytes earlier in the digestive system.

Complex sugars or carbohydrates have to be further broken down by the body before being absorbed, so this mechanism requires the use of a simple sugar (glucose/ dextrose).

Kinderlyte is the first to offer this technology in a natural hydration product [without cane sugar or juice], making us uniquely natural and effective.