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KinderFarms Sales Analyst

Company Background: KinderFarms, The Kinder Farmaceutical Company, is disrupting the $200 Billion+ OTC Drug aisle with real medicine + clean ingredients at prices that are accessible to as many families as possible. Just over two years since launch, our clean medicine and health products like KinderMed, KinderLyte, and KinderSprout have been accepted in over 35,000 stores and 250,000 points of distribution including Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Kroger, Albertsons and thousands of other retail locations, with our company growing 400% vs. last year.

Job Description: The sales analyst position will be a support role to the internal sales team and our growing business.  Responsibilities will include business tracking, maintenance management, robust analysis, and handling of routine and ad-hoc tactical requests both internally and externally.  The job will work with both internal and external partners and will be focused on, but not limited to:

  • Trade Spend/deduction planning management and execution
  • Purchase order monitoring and management
  • POS tracking and reporting
  • Customer item setup, management and execution
  • Online item management, execution and integrity
  • Pricing evaluation and deductions, follow through and execution
  • Daily external and internal customer analysis and action
  • Support to sales leads on daily activities and deliverables
  • Research, analysis and input on solutions or actions to remedy opportunities in the business

This job will include change and flexibility on a daily/weekly basis so we meet the needs of the business and will work in collaboration with our brokers, customers, sales team and VP of Sales to deliver on our business needs and goals.


Interested candidates should send an email and resume to